Build School

10 week online course for aspiring young entrepreneurs to build and launch their first business using No-Code tools.

  • Aged 15 - 21

  • Keep having ideas you want to explore

  • Fast, no-funding & no-technical skills needed

Build School is an online programme to take you from Idea to Launch.

Our mission is to inspire more young people to start their own businesses.
We offer a fast, no-funding and no-technical skills needed course to build and launch your venture.
All brains are welcome.

  • Do you find yourself having lots of ideas all the time?

  • Do you daydream about better ways of doing things?

  • Do you have a desire to bring these ideas to life?

  • If so, What’s holding you back?

  • Your age? Your Experience? You don't know where to start?

  • Has any of these stopped the flow of ideas?

So many creative young minds have great ideas but don't know how to bring them to life. We connect and empower young dreamers to build our future.

Ideate Ideas (Week 1-3)

You are exploring ideas and in the process of thinking through how you could build your product. You are talking to potential users about your idea and using that feedback to identify the problem and how your product will solve it.

  • Brainstorm your business ideas

  • Review different business models

  • Explore No Code Tools

  • Explore the entrepreneur mindset

Build your Brand (week 4-6)

You start to think about a name for your business as your design your brand. You think through your business values, goals and mission which informs the feature requirements and target customers for your MVP.

  • Name your business

  • Create logo and design

  • Writing copy

  • Create business values and mission

  • Define your features

  • Identify target customers

Build your Product (week 6-9)

You build your MVP which will act as the first version of your product. You start to build a database and develop your Go-to-market strategy detailing how you plan to find your first 100 customers. You explore integration and automation tools.

  • Build your MVP

  • Build your database

  • Start your Go-to-market strategy

  • Explore integration and automation

  • Iterate and evolve

Launch your business (Week 10)

You have launched your business using your MVP. You start to build your users and generate revenue. You start to get feedback from users and iterate and explore.

  • Launch your business

  • Build your users

  • Generate revenue

  • Iterate and explore

  • Demo Day

Build School includes:

  • Access to the library of content.

  • Learn No Code tools through interactive build sessions.

  • Tools to track your progress and to measure your growth over time.

  • Discounts to online products.

  • A community of like minded founders.

  • Virtual group sessions every week.

  • Weekly guest lectures with industry experts.

  • Weekly Office Hours and Q&A sessions.

Is Build School for me?

  • Did you know that you don’t need to be able to code to be build a digital product?

  • It might be time for you to look into No Code--Google it, don’t rely on us, and then come back here and start the first step on your entrepreneurial journey by applying for the Build School programme.

  • Don’t be daunted if you don’t get in--we will give you the tools to start working on your own, and you can reapply to prove us wrong.

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